Client Testimonials

"We were introduced to Ginna Lazaar and her team by a dear family friend. She and her husband had been close to my in-laws for many years. At the time of the introduction, my aging, increasingly infirm and widowed mother-in-law had reached the point where living alone was clearly not an option. There was much to do in preparation for her evolution into a new living situation. She was stubborn and used to having her way, so this was clearly was going to be a challenging time. Our friend had known Ginna for quite some time, and brought to our attention that she specialized in specialized in downsizing elderly people, which most often concluded in selling the family home. As is common to properties occupied by the elderly, numerous repairs had been left unattended for years. Consequently we needed someone who could not only deal with a difficult senior, but with whom we could also trust to place her welfare as the primary consideration. This person had to be patient and empathetic. Additionally, it was critical that my mother-in-law be guided through strong ethical standards, and that recommended repairs and upgrades be fairly priced and the work completed on time. We were working against a ticking clock and it was a tall order. The day we met Ginna and her assistant, an instant sigh of relief went through all of us. Her demeanor toward my mother-in-law was kind, respectful and straightforward. A true friendship was established that day. Through the following months we worked closely with Ginna to tend the repairs for which we could obtain agreement. A few months later my mother-in-law entered her final state of decline, and finally passed. And because we’d developed such a deep bond and strong working relationship with Ginna by then, getting the house ready for market went like clockwork. Her team of extremely competent craftsmen had become well known to us, and we were ushered through this very difficult personal phase with grace and skill. Costs were managed expertly through the type of creative solutions that only experience may render. Many were the times we asked ourselves what we’d have done without Ginna Lazaar. When finally the property was presented to market, it was in perfectly painted, updated, repaired and staged. It generated instantaneous response and was sold quickly. All paperwork and legalities were expedited with speed and accuracy. The work was done. We heartily endorse Ginna and her crew. They know they’re stuff. And best of all, they’re really great folks. You could trust them with your mother. "
Jef and Deb Loeb
"We would be happy to be a reference for Ginna. We both think she did an amazing job as our realtor and would highly recommend her. She was very accessible and we were always able to get our questions answered quickly. She explained things well and did a great job of keeping us updated as things progressed and adapted to any changes. She aggressively marketed our house with a great video tour and brochure. The whole time we were working with her we felt that she truly cared about what would be best for us rather than thinking of her commission. She stayed on top of the whole process and followed up even after our sale and purchase. We would definitely use her for any future real estate transactions. She is not only great at her job, but genuinely cares about her clients. "
Sue and Chuck Owen
"Working with Ginna was a pleasure. From the virtual tour to the beautiful professional photographs she made our house sale an enjoyable experience. Her personal attention to detail is topnotch and she took care of everything from start to finish. I highly recommend her services and was extremely pleased with the process as well as the outcome. "
The Colehower Family
"To my dear friends, I want to let the two of you, and everybody who may ever be in the market to sell their house, know what a wonderfully rewarding, and satisfying experience it has been working with you two ladies, and watching you two experts, and your subcontractors "get er done"!! I will never forget sitting on my front porch, that first evening, with the two of you as you filled me in on the game plan. I was in awe, and wondering if this was a doable project. I poured over the booklet you gave me, and I knew it's contents like the back of my hand. I watched as you did everything you said you were going to do and in the order you detailed in the booklet. Very Impressive!! Ginna, when you said "this house will sell very quickly," I knew you knew precisely what you were talking about. You followed my philosophy to the letter .... that being, you plan your work, and you work your plan. Vicki Dampier had said to me, this gal is a real mover and shaker. She said , "Just sit back and watch her work. It will blow you away!!!!!!" She's right .... it did! To top it all off, the house selling in 7 days really put that frosting on the cake! Wow! Just like you said it would right from the beginning. Special bonus for me, I had the opportunity to meet two fabulous friends. I only wish that we had met earlier in life ..... I'm so glad you will both be coming to visit and see my new home. Thank you so much for helping me make my life's dream come true. I will never for get you. Love you, "
"Dear Ginna, Thank you very much for doing an outstanding job in selling our home. You are a true Professional in every sense of the word. All the best to you and your family, "
Bob and Pat
"Ginna Arnold-Lazar is superb! She is one of those rare individuals who senses the client's needs even before they're expressed. She understands and sees clearly the objective: Market the property to obtain the best and highest result. But somehow, in her wake, everyone knows that his life has been enriched by becoming acquainted with this articulate, caring, sophisticated and utterly professional lady. She's never too concentrated on the objective to express genuine, caring, personal concern for everyone involved in the transaction. Beyond what I say about Ginna, I sense that there is a truly unique thing happening at Seville. Two things that stand out in my mind are professionalism (to a tee) and a team approach. They really do operate as a team. Admittingly, some of the teamwork success should be attributed to Ginna's magnificent organizational skills and efforts, but it is clear that Seville has created a teamwork ethic in their practice. That environment just allows Ginna to shine. It doesn't seem to phase Ginna or the others at Seville that circumstances surrounding a real estate transaction might be complicated by distance, time zones, communications, legal or any other issue. She and the team just roll with the punches and make it happen to the complete satisfaction of both seller and buyer. If you ever have the opportunity to list a Bay Area property with Ginna at Seville Properties, jump at the chance! It can't produce anything but a great result. "
T. Jefferson Straub, CMA President
"I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your assistance to my brothers and me in selling our mothers home. Additionally, I would like to thank you for taking the special interest in my mother and making the arrangements necessary to assist her with the cleaning and packing required. As you know, not being in town, this was a little more challenging. However, your courtesy, professionalism, and competence made the smooth transition almost effortless. Once again, I would like to thank you for your time, consideration, patience and compassion in the sale of my mother's home. Very truly yours, "
Steven H. Wilhelm
"We shall start with the bottom line: It doesn’t get any better than this. Ms. Arnold-Lazar performed with stunning professionalism the handling of my elderly mother’s transition from her home of 45 years to necessary assisted living. Ms Arnold-Lazar waited for hours while my mother was at a medical appointment just to be able to meet her personally, and be able to tell her in person that she would take good care of this home of so many decades with the love and sensitivity that my mother needed to hear to be able to leave it without trepidation. Ms Arnold-Lazar proceeded to refurbish this home with decisive vision, talent, insight, good taste, and a love for the property charming as it is. She knew what to do, how to do it, where to obtain what she needed, and assembled a most able team to carry out the work. This lady was totally capable of getting the job done, putting the right people together, making the correct decisions, of acquiring appropriate professional advertising. In addition to that, she is an absolute delight with whom to work--bright, intelligent, capable, sensitive and practical. It doesn’t get any better than this. If she decides to take you as a client, feel that you are fortunate. "
Thomas A Gillespie, MD FACC
"Many thanks for all your hard work in selling the house. You and your office went well beyond the call of duty. My siblings and I are happy to have it all behind us, and thank you again for your hard work, professionalism, and upbeat approach through it all. "
Chris B.
"When we needed to sell my parents' townhome, we decided that professionalism and direct neighborhood experience were critically important. The owners of the home next door were thrilled with Ginna's results, and they were right: her 'turnkey' process got the home on the market quickly, and her client-focused attitude was outstanding. "
John R.
"Ginna expedited all the work the home needed, created top-of-the-line marketing materials and advertising, and got the house SOLD! She could be a member of the Boy Scouts: trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent … plus she gets the job done! "
Peter R.
"Dear Ginna, Thank you so much for selling our home. You took care of every detail and over looked nothing. i am happy we met. You are a special person with a big loving heart, rare to find. Please do keep in touch, would love to have you here one day. "
Merav & Yossi