Client Testimonials

"Ginna is the best realtor I’ve ever worked with, and I feel very lucky to have her help me find my new home in Palo Alto. She’s very knowledgeable, always energetic and confident. She listens to the clients, and let them make the call while providing them with sufficient market information to aid their decision-making. She works hard to prepare for every offer presentation, and keeps the client informed on the presentation progress. In my case, after she has presented my offer, even though the seller has asked her to go back and wait for their decision, she would insist waiting onsite for their decision with her assistant, because she understand how important it is for her client. In terms of acting quickly in this highly competitive Palo Alto real estate market, she keeps her staff up with advanced technology to make sure her response time is the fastest to maximize her client’s chance of getting the house they really want to purchase. I would highly recommend Ginna to anyone who would like to buy their next home in Palo Alto area because she is simply the BEST! -Leah"
Leah Yi
"As a first time home buyer, I can't recommend Ginna and her team enough.

I met Ginna through a friend who raved about her experience with her buying her first home. Because I watched Ginna through the process with someone else and saw how she had recommended against purchasing a few options, I knew that I would get ethical, honest advice, feedback, and strategic counsel. In my experience, that's exactly what we got and a whole lot more.

Ginna's knowledge of the market, the process, and even the players involved was invaluable. Her attention-to-detail made my accountant husband happy and her support and responsiveness alleviated my concerns as we went along.

The day of our move, Ginna was there in person ensuring that everything was going well. She had recommended our movers, a handyman, a contractor, and even a housekeeper (who have all been fantastic!). When, during the move, they couldn't get our bed up the stairs, Ginna was right there figuring out options, like taking the entire bed apart and putting it through a window. After a few hours, it was Ginna's suggestion that saved the day and ensured that we weren't going to be sleeping in our dining room on the first floor.

Talk about full service.

Hopefully, I don't have to buy another house anytime soon, but if I did, I'd use Ginna again in a heartbeat."
"I bought a house as a single woman, but Ginna was my partner in the journey. My target neighborhood offered very limited inventory at my price point so she helped me define my "must haves" and we located a fantastic off-market property. The house sparked considerable local interest so I found myself in a competitive bid process. Ginna truly shined as my advocate in completing necessary inspections, securing financing and putting the right offer forward that won the property without stretching me past my comfort zone. I absolutely love my house. I referred Ginna to two of my closest friends who had equally wonderful success stories under her guidance. As one friend observed, "Ginna nurtures you through the hard stuff like a surrogate mother, but then she's tough in the right moments of the negotiation to get the deal done. You appreciate the depth of her experience when you see her in action.""
Kristin Crosland
"Ginna is the greatest. Throughout the process we always felt like Ginna had our best interests in mind and was working to take care of us. She gives straight answers, is never phony and treats you like a friend/member of the family. We always had and continue to have to utmost confidence in her ethics and abilities. She was the perfect fit for our home-buying experience."
Khoi & Karla
"We had been looking to purchase a house for over two years, but were unable to find the right house at the right price. We started working with Ginna in January and immediately were impressed with her professionalism. We felt comfortable working with her and confident having her represent us to sellers. Although this is a difficult market for most buyers, after we were working with Ginna, it did not take us long to locate the type of house we wanted to live in and start out family. We appreciate Ginna's help in finding our house and presenting a successful offer. After our offer was accepted, Ginna was outstanding! There are so many details to resolve with so many other people, from loan agents to escrow agents. Her qualities of integrity, diligence, and the ability to be simultaneously charming and form helped to make our homebuying experience more successful and pleasant. A few weeks ago, we moved into our house. As we are unpacking, and adding our personal touches, it feels more and more like home every day. We would like to thank our agent, Ginna, and everyone else at Seville Properties for your assistance. Sincerely, "
Bobbie and Warren Horowitz
"Ginna is Absolutely The Very Best!!!
G reat to work with!
I nspirational!
N othing will impress you more!
N obody in the business will make you more satisfied!
A Plus service, knowledge and one VERY happy client!
Thanks for an outstanding job!"
Terry Pergamit
"RECIPE: Ingredients: Two Great Los Altos Agents Add: Very Special Clients, A Los Altos Location, A Well Cared For Home. Mix Well. YIELDS: A Lot of Really Happy People!!"
Abby Aherns